A Winning Ghost Pepper Wing Sauce

by Laura Gallagher

Nothing says summer like barbecue. This char-grilled cooking method has a profound ability to draw out flavors in unique ways. Many have turned the activity into a sport with thousands of dollars awarded every year to the best and most inventive recipes. Enter a competition or simply startle friends and family with a ghost pepper wing sauce. This potent pepper packs a punch that will certainly leave people talking.

The ghost chili is used rather infrequently in cooking because of its potency. It is said to be the hottest chili known to man with a heat range 100 times that of the jalapeno pepper. Restaurants across the US are making a name for themselves by daring to put items with this ingredient on the menu. It hails from India and is used in traditional cooking from that region.

Most people are used to the two frequently found barbecue styles, spicy and sweet. Traditional wing recipes usually fall into one category or the other. However, combining both can be a satisfying surprise that many individuals fail to recognize as an option.

Try going for a flavor that encompasses rich smokey elements. This will compliment both heat and sugar. Additionally, the sweet elements can cut some of the kick of any fiery pepper.

A spice rub can be an excellent way to incorporate dried chilies. This is a favorable option as it will add dimensions to the meat's final taste. Also, dried peppers have lost some of their lethal heat making them easier to handle and more of a treat for guests. Few will appreciate a dinner that is inedible because of the intensity of the spice.

A unique preparation can lead to a one of a kind dish. Start with a spice rub then quickly deep fry wings. This will trap the flavors as well as some of the essential juices that can disappear on the grill. After this smother the meat in a a ghost pepper wing sauce recipe and transfer to the barbecue. Guests are likely to find these tasty treats difficult to forget.

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