A Simple Guide On Making The Best Fajitas

by Shari Swanson

Many people love to eat Mexican food because it has this spicy and tangy flavor that tickles the taste buds. One of the most sought after dish would be the fajita. This is dish consisting of grilled meat served with flour tortilla. There are already a lot of people who claims that they can make the best fajitas in Houston.

Although a fajita is mainly made with beef, there are also other ingredients that you can substitute it with. You can find many restaurants that use other types of meat like chicken and pork. It is also possible to use seafood such as different kinds of fish and shrimp.

These days, a fajita can be cooked in different kinds of ways. The original method is by grilling it over coal. It can also be broiled inside the oven or cooked by using a frying pan. To choose the right method, always think of the thickness of your meat.

One tip that a lot of cooks and fajita experts would share with those who will cook dish is to always marinate the meat so that it will be very flavorful. Common ingredients for marinating are lime, olive oil, some herbs and spices, and alcoholic beverages like tequila and wine.

Another thing that you can do is to use different kinds of ingredient in order to give your fajita a little twist. You might want to use a different kind of herb or alcoholic beverage. There are also many ingredients that you can use for your condiment.

Eating a fajita would never be complete if you will not put some condiments on the side. The condiments enhance the flavor of the meat making it more delicious. The usual condiments are guacamole, salsa, cheese, sour cream, and Pico de gallo.

The Best Fajitas in Houston can be found in some restaurants. It can even be simply be made in your own kitchen using fresh ingredients.

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