A Recipe For Champagne Chocolate Truffles

by Tiffany Gill

In the world of desserts, probably one of the finest and most exquisite ones would actually be the champagne chocolate truffles. These truffles would have a blend of sweet taste and a little bit of the bitter taste that comes from the champagne. Now for those who are interested in learning how to make this, here is a very simple recipe.

In order to start, first prepare three fourths cup of some ordinary butter and place it on a pan in order for it to melt under fire. Now one has to wait for the butter to be melted properly before he can put in all of the other ingredients. Once that is done, then he has to now put in some cocoa powder and mix it along with some sweet condensed milk.

After that, take out the pan from the stove and pour this mix into a small bowl. Once the it is in the bowl, add some vanilla extract and once again, start stirring the mix. The objective here would be to make sure that the vanilla extract is well mixed in with the other ingredients.

After the vanilla extract has already been mixed inside the bowl, then one should now set aside the mix so that it cools down. When it has become less hot, then he may now add a little bit of champagne into the small bowl. He just has to make sure to put the right amount otherwise he will really taste the bitterness of the alcohol.

When the champagne has already been mixed in, then one has to now put the bowl in the refrigerator with a cover on top. He has to make sure that the mix is refrigerated for around five hours so that the mix will be able to harden a little bit. While the mix is hardening, one should now get a small pie dish and add some chocolate powder on it.

The next thing to do now would be to get the rather hardened mix from the fridge and start rolling pieces in the pie dish. Make some small truffle pieces out of the cocoa powder covered dough. When one has made pieces out of all of the dough, then one should now put them on some cookie sheets and spread them apart just a little bit.

The very last thing to do would be to get the cookie sheet and place it inside the fridge again in order for it to really become harder. Usually, one would be leaving the cookie sheet inside the fridge for around two hours but it can actually be less. When one feels like the truffles are already hard enough, he can serve them to his guests at regular temperature.

So if one would want an easy recipe for champagne chocolate truffles, then try this one out. The ingredients are really easy to get and the process is so simple. However, the taste of this dessert is exquisite and is actually very world class.

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