A Guide To Choosing Arizona Chili Spices

by Amanda Baird

When people think of chili they usually think of heat. There is also the idea that there is one type. However depending on where you are and who is serving it there are numerous recipes available. One of the crucial parts of getting these recipes right and developing your own is the right blend of Arizona chili spices.

The first thing to consider is the level of heat. Some people like a lot and want the rush of heat. Other people prefer something with a mild kick but without burning their mouth. While this can be reasonably straightforward if you are serving for one or two people this can be a bit more complicated if you are serving for a larger group.

The temptation when serving a larger group is to veer towards the bland. However food that is not hot or spicy is not necessarily bland. Using a variety of spices increases the range of flavouring and can make it taste more pleasant for a wider variety of people. While it is difficult to please everyone with the flavour of a chilli you can do serve something that is likely to please the broadest range of palates.

Jalapenos are probably the most common addition. They can often make it look more presentable. If you are concerned with the heat you can deseed them or alternatively add some natural yoghurt in order to make your mixture a little cooler. What people often do not realise is that heat can be countered with some kind of milk or soy equivalent.

Of course one of the most crucial ingredients in a chili is the peppers. The level of heat is measured in Scovilles. Most packaging ought to offer a clear guide indicating whether they are mild, medium or hot. What you need to consider is who you are cooking for. While you do not want to burn the tongues of your guest do not be afraid of adding a little more kick to the mixture!

Of course if you do want a recipe that is properly hot there are options too. Red Amazon is an example of a hotter variety. These are a dried version of Tabasco and so may be best used to top off at the end or stirred in to make it a little bit hotter towards the end.

The good thing is once you have produced your own blend it is often easy enough to store as well. Typically a mixture can be kept stored for around six months. This means you can access them easily enough so that you do not need to continually source ingredients every time you fancy cooking a chilli!

After you have used a recipe and begin to become more confident you can develop your own blend of Arizona chili spices. Thankfully if you store them carefully you can access these flavourings at a later date. Look online for recipes and suggestions for spices to create your own recipe.

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