A Great Recipe For Cooking Steamed Maryland Blue Crabs

by Louisa Purpura

One of the classic American 'al fresco' dishes is Maryland Blue Crabs, steamed and eaten with plenty of butter and friends with whom to share. If you are looking for a recipe for steaming these seafood treats, then the one detailed below may help. This creates steamed crab which is every bit as much as delicacy, in its way, as fresh oysters.

For this recipe, it is best to have at least 36 blue crabs available to cook. The contents of the stock used to steam the crab is very important, as this will give the flesh of the animals the flavor that you are seeking. The ingredients that you will need for the stock consist of half a cup of salt, a similar amount of fish stock or seafood seasoning, and three cups each of beer and distilled white wine vinegar.

In order to prepare the meat for cooking, take each crab and turn it upside down. Once you have done that, use a sharp knife to make a slit just behind the mouth of the crab. Do this to each one, before putting the stock that you have created, with the beer and the vinegar, into a large pot and bringing it to a strong simmer on a fairly high heat.

Then fix a grill or screen over the simmering stock pot, making sure that it is secure. It is essential that the grill or screen is secure, because if it slips during the cooking process then everything will be ruined. Place the crabs on the screen carefully, making sure that each one is above the simmering liquid.

When the crab is in place above the stock, cover it and leave it to cook. The meat needs to be steamed until the crabs show no more blue or green coloring. You can tell that they are ready by their vivid orange color, which should be seen after about half an hour or 20 minutes of cooking.

You can then serve up the crab, and eat with your fingers in a social setting. Good accompaniments for this kind of feast include corn on the cob and plenty of melted butter. If you are conscious of your health, then it might be a good idea to serve a green salad as well, to provide some vegetable content for the meal.

This recipe for Maryland Blue Crabs should have all your guests grinning at your next outdoor eating event. You can use this method to cook other kinds of crab, like Alaskan snow crab legs for example. Try it; if you have never eaten this dish before, you have a treat in store.

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