2014 Chevy Cruze Diesel Rated By US Government At 46 MPG

by Bertha Wells

The 2014 Chevy Cruze has earned a government mileage rating of 46 mpg on the highway. This is the best rating of any non-hybrid car currently being sold. Buyers should be aware that the city and city/highway mix are not as spectacular at 27 mpg and 33 mpg respectively. However, with the rising costs of fuel, drivers are pleased with any vehicle that is able to stretch each gallon a few extra miles.

Competitors for 2014 include the Volkswagon Jetta TDI, ranked at 42 mpg highway, 30 mpg for city and 34 mpg in the highway/city combination. Both the Cruze and Jetta TDI models receiving these high marks use diesel as a fuel, which is more expensive in most locations. Mazda will also join the manufacturers offering diesel vehicles this summer with the Mazda 6, but as of yet has not supplied details of this vehicle.

When initially unveiled during the Chicago auto show of February 2013, Chevy estimated the vehicle mileage at 42 for highway driving. However, according to the manufacturer, they were offering conservative figures at that time. Further tweaks by engineers at Chevy have improved vehicle mileage. These changes have improved the government rankings.

The only transmission available in the Chevy is a six speed automatic that is partially responsible for the higher mileage of the vehicle. The Jetta is available with either automatic or manual transmission. It is also less expensive by $1000 to $2000 depending on the transmission selected.

Chevy claims the price difference between the two vehicles brings the consumer more standard features than found with the VW. For example, the Cruze offers bigger wheels, leather seats and a longer warranty on the power train. However, VW has many more years experience with diesel vehicles, reaching back to the Rabbits of the late 70s. The Cruze is sold in locations other than the USA and over 33,000 diesel models have sold in other locations since 2010.

The Chevy diesel is rated slightly higher in horsepower and pounds-feet of torque. Numbers for the Cruze include 148 horsepower and 258 pound feet of torque. For the Jetta, they are 140 hp and 230 pound-ft.

Consumers may be interested to learn that this is not the highest government rating ever issued for a vehicle with the Chevrolet name. Chevy released the Sprint in 1985 in the USA. It was manufactured by Suzuki and had a 1.0 L three cylinder gasoline engine. The 1988 Sprint received a government rating of 53 mpg. In addition to the higher mileage ratings it is interesting to note that the Sprint was a gasoline vehicle that used carburetion instead of fuel injection. In fact, in 1989, the cylinders needed to be redesigned to allow for fuel injection, and the mileage rating of the vehicle actually dropped. A few years later, the line spun off to the Geo brand name.

Today, one of the biggest questions on the minds of auto buyers is the mileage rating of a vehicle. Cars that get poor mileage can easily take more from the transportation budget in fuel than in vehicle payment. With the Chevy Cruze's 46 mpg rating on the highway, the vehicle offers hope to consumers.

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